Updated 08/26/2011


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  My uncle who I love so much has departed and saddened our lives. The family and friends who gave my uncle so much happiness are very special people. My uncle who I miss so much, who gave me love and attention has departed. How much I wish to hear that special voice. How much I wish to hug Gabby and receive an even bigger one back. But no matter how much I miss him I know that he is happy up there in shamayim. I bet if we asked him to come back he'd answer "no, I don't want to return for I'm happy here in the true world." I feel so guilty that I didn't repay Gabby for all the things he did for me. I bet you feel the same way. But we shouldn't feel guilty because the joy and simcha Gabby saw on people's faces were enough repayment. I love you uncle Gabby. I know you'll be my Bar-Mitzvah iy"h, even though we can't see you....and I know you'll always be there for me.