Updated 08/26/2011


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Written by Margaret Kopstick


 I met Gabby when he lived with his family in Washington Heights. He was about 16 months old at the time, his sister Aviva was a month old. I was asked to come and help, as the baby-sitter, while his father had a hernia repair. At that time, one spent over a week in hospital for this procedure. I felt like the luckiest sitter. Not only were his parents the nicest and most loving people, Gabby was just adorable. He was the most beautiful little boy. I was proud to be seen with him. Because of the July 4th holiday and the hospital not being overly staffed, I ended up staying with the Arzouan family for many weeks. They were the best weeks! Gabby was my pal. The Arzouan family became part of my family.

 Shortly after the surgery, the Arzouan family moved away, but I did my best to keep up with them, and talked to Gabby many times on the phone. He was so loving, but why not...... he came from the most loving family. I was hosted in their new homes many times throughout the next many years. I got to see Gabby grow into a wonderful young man, beautiful both in body and soul. I married to Toronto, Canada and was delighted when the Arzouan family moved to Toronto (by that time, they had added 2 more adorable children to their family). Their stay lasted only a year, but that was enough to secure our friendship for life. Whenever we spoke, I was updated about my special "little boy". We always had a special bond from my baby-sitting days. Gabby would always end the conversation with an "I love you, Margaret".

 Gabby, even though I had not seen you in many years, I will miss the Gabby reports that I received from your parents when we spoke. You will be sorely missed, by all those that had the privilege to have known and shared time with you.

 May Hashem help your family to understand this tragedy and find comfort in all the beautiful stories that have been told about you.

Written by: Margaret Kopstick